I used to live life day by day just to make it through, NOW, I am living my life with a purpose and I want you to, too!

Join my team as we get ready to help you change your situation and your life with the FREEDOMLIFE Tour! We cannot wait to meet you. 

What you can experience:

The FREEDOMLIFE Tour is a highly energetic, and informative conference, which provides proven strategies to ignite motivation, increase effectiveness and jump start your life. This intimate conference gives insight for success, time management, leadership, goal achievements, relationships, spiritual success, communications skills and much more.

Daphne Jones-Robinson contagious energy, humor and passion to inspire people, knows all about being a part of a great movement for women. Daphne delivers a formula for success that is easily transferable across the industries, which motivates and inspires people to get more out of life. She knows a thing about unleashing your potential. 

It always takes a crisis to create change in our lives. How we create transformational change in our lives is up to us. Daphne shares stories from her experiences working in the Corporate arena that literally pushed her out the door to where she is today. She outlines the 7-step process to unleashing your greatest potential and achieving your freedom life. 

Daphne is the perfect example that nothing extraordinary has ever happened by staying comfortable. She knows a thing or two about what it takes to trade our comfort for courage and circumstances for opportunities. 

Her aspirational and tactical message will have you ready to embrace the change you always wanted and to help you break the mold to get there. In order to lead, you have to inspire people to want to follow and a true leader knows that leadership should extend beyond yourself. "Deep inside I believe people have the desire to want to help change their situations and those around them but finding the true desire can be a challenge. There should always be a fire in you to want more. To do more. To be more. My favorite saying is 'Don't let your life's story end with a blank page'". The multi-talented author, entrepreneur, life-coach and motivational speaker loves to share her message with the world and isn't short on sharing her wisdom and experiences. 

The most successful and inspirational people in the country share their secrets with you!


BALTIMORE, MD                      
WASHINGTON, DC                  

NEWARK, NJ                            

PHILADELPHIA, PA                 

CHARLOTTE, NC                     

ATLANTA, GA                           

DALLAS, TX                              

AUSTIN, TX                              

SACRAMENTO, CA                  

SAN FRANCISO, CA                

SAN DIEGO, CA                       

HOUSTON, TX                         

NASHVILLE, TN                       

CHARLOTTE, NC                          

"Write a new story for yourself and intentionally create the life you want and live your life on purpose."

"YOU already know what you want, now I am going to teach you how to to get it!"